Rich Internet Application Hacker Night @ SAP TechEd

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008 | Adobe, SAP, Technology, Web 2.0

SAP TechEd is only two weeks away and I am proud that Adobe once again is the main sponsor of the RIA Hacker Night this year. Last year Mark Finnern and I were sitting in the courtyard of SAP Labs in Palo Alto and discussed ideas for new TechEd activities Adobe could sponsor. We thought why not rent a hotel suite in Vegas, order some pizza and do some serious hacking. Well it turned out a suite would have been to small and Craig Cmehil took the lead in setting up a great event.

This year Hacker Night will be even bigger and better. So I thought we need T-Shirts and a mascot. Since we did not have budget left for a Designer I was lucky enough to get introduced by Karen to Eric Kneeland who created the graphic for the T-Shirt based on Karen and my ideas in return for a copy of Illustrator. So without further due below is the official RIA Hacker Night 2008 mascot.

RIA Hacker Night Robot

P.S. If you are interested ask me at TechEd about the meaning of the graphic (has to do with Blade Runner)

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Craig Cmehil
August 24, 2008

To add to the stories, if someone is interested in how much “notice” I was given and where I was when I got to put together the event do find me over a beer at SAP TechEd :-) it’s not what you might expect LOL

Ryan Quackenboss
September 2, 2008

Matthias, I can’t wait to attend! See you there. Craig, of course you are the go-to guy…why not drop this little task in your lap :)

I’ll take you both up on the beer. See you in less than a week.


January 12, 2009

Can anyone explain me if possibel with to connect flex with SAP and use LCDS.

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