Alltop launches dedicated RIA page

Monday, June 23rd, 2008 | Adobe, Technology, Web 2.0

Guy Kawasaki’s new venture Alltop collects popular Blogs and categorizes them. It makes it very easy to stay up to date on a wide area of topics like Social Media, Marketing, Enterprise IT, Food and Wine (some of my favorites).

Yesterday Alltop launched the category Rich Internet Applications. It includes great resources on RIA and specifically Flex and AIR development, like the blogs from Ryan Stewart, Mike Chambers and Peter Ent. Check it out!

P.S.: Yes, this humble little Blog is included as well.

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[…] Matthias sent a note about RIA Alltop and I think it’s the best collection of RIA blogs/information that I’ve seen. Alltop is a “headline aggregator” it basically has a collection of blogs on a subject and then lists the most recent posts for those blogs. The RIA section covers everything from Flash, Flex, Silverlight, JavaScript – pretty much any RIA language that you’re interested in. It’s by far the most diverse collection and I think it’s one of the best ways to get a quick snapshot from a variety of different sources. This is going to become the second link I click in the morning after Techmeme. Tags:Current Mortgage Rates […]

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