Using Blackberry Curve 8310 GPS with Google Maps

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007 | Technology

Last week I upgraded my 2 year old Blackberry to the latest BlackBerry Curve 8310. So far I am pretty happy with it. I spend about an hour to customize it to my needs. The Voice Dialing is a great feature. Unlike older phones it does not require you to record all names, but it uses speech recognition on your existing address book.

The key new feature of the 8310 however is the integrated GPS. I noticed on Internet forums that a number of people have challenges using the GPS with Google Maps. I guess that’s not surprising since RIM does not advertise this feature, pushing instead the paid for maps and direction service from TeleNav. After some tinkering I have good news. Free Google Maps works great with the integrated GPS and here is how I got it to work:

1) Make sure that the GPS is working and has connection to satellites. Go to Options -> Advanced Options -> GPS -> select the menu and choose “Refresh GPS”. The display will tell you the number of satellites it can reach and your location. I noticed it does not work in my office in San Jose or in close range to high rise buildings.
2) Download Google Maps from (using the Blackberry browser) and follow the instructions to install it on your Blackberry (I have Google Maps version 2.0.1). Do not use the Google Suite installer for Blackberry (which includes additional Google apps), since according to some reports has a different Google Maps version which does not work with the internal GPS.
3) Go to Options -> Applications -> Google Maps -> select the menu and choose “Edit Permissions”; Select connections and select the menu to expand it. Make sure you allow “Location (GPS)” and “Carrier Internet” connections for the app.
4) Save the changes. Go back the applications menu and start Google Maps. Hit “0” and it should now show a blinking point which indicates your current location.

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178 Comments to Using Blackberry Curve 8310 GPS with Google Maps

December 12, 2007

The phone wont run google maps for some reason.Any ideas?

December 30, 2007

Do you have the Enterprise Sever edition? I tried to download the .alx version…the only Blackberry option other than Windows & Palm and it would not load. I’m not sure if you did some else. Any help would be greatly appreciated since you are THE only one that seems to have this working!

Thanks in advance,


December 30, 2007

I got this to work with the latest version of Google Maps.

Thanks for this Outstanding infomation!!


December 31, 2007

Hi. I just got the Blackberry 8310 and I would like to download the googlemaps app. I notice in your article above that you suggest we don’t download the suite for this app.

You say you have version 1.6.4. The version that is listed on their site is 2.0 something. How do I know it this is the suite? I’m not sure if I want to chance downloading it and then having trouble with my phone. I’m not very savy when it comes to messing with downloads and removing stuff.

I hope you are able to help.


Matthias Zeller
January 1, 2008

Hello Patrick and others,
just point your Blackberry browser to and follow the instructions to download and install Google Maps for Blackberry. I just checked and the latest version right now is 2.0.1 (when I wrote the blog entry it was 1.6.4). I upgraded to 2.0.1 without problems (GPS still works). Also I installed the Google Mail app on my Blackberry and it did not break the Maps app or GPS.

Hope this helps.


January 1, 2008

Hi I was looking at getting the blackberry although without the blackberry plan and just using mediamax plan for $19.99 I heard there is a medianet browser, I and many others do not need blackberry email features, would I be able to use the media net browser to download at

Thanks..I like to try and avoid giving ATT as much money as possible and I’m sure others who come across this post would like to know as well. Great info you should consider text linking to the curve 8310 through Amazon affiliate program I’m think they pay some pretty nice commissions

Matthias Zeller
January 2, 2008

Hello Jason,
I got the Blackberry through the company plan at Adobe, so I use the ATT enterprise service for Blackberry. However as long as you get a Blackberry with a data plan that allows web browsing you should be able to download Google Maps and use it with the integrated GPS.



PS: Thanks for the Amazon Affiliate Program tip

January 4, 2008

Thanks alot for the help Mathias,i will definitly be back for more tips.

January 9, 2008

Great post, thanks!

Have you tried using blackberry maps? I downloaded on my Curve 8310 on the AT&T network and it worked great for a few minutes, but now I cant get my GPS to find any satellites no matter what program I use, even in the advanced options refresh I don’t find anything, Tried outside in various places. Any thoughts?

[…] Matthias Zeller Memento · Using Blackberry Curve 8310 GPS with Google Maps […]

January 10, 2008

After chatting with AT&T service reps they had me power down the Curve 8310, take out the battery for a minute, then put the battery back in. After I did that the GPS started working again, both with Google Maps and Blackberry Maps. Blackberry maps is not as detailed as google maps, but it has the other features of showing you your speed and changing the orientation of the map according to your direction, which is nice if you are driving.

January 11, 2008

Hi, Matthias –

Love your site. Question re step #1 above: how can I “make sure GPS is working” if I have to subscribe to Telenav to get started? I bought the AT&T Curve 8310 today, and the only GPS icon I can find is the Telenav one (in Applications), which won’t let me get into maps until I’ve elected to sign up with them (even if only for a 30-day free trial, which I’m sure they’ll charge me at the end of). Can you please clarify how I’m supposed to start this process without signing up with Telenav? By skipping it, and just going straight into Advanced Options/GPS, I don’t get to see a “Refresh GPS” option. Thanks!!

Matthias Zeller
January 11, 2008

Hello Annie,
no you do not need to subscribe to Telenav to use the GPS functionality of your Blackberry. Go to Options -> Advanced Options -> GPS and then hit the context menu button (the button with the keypad symbol left of the scrollwheel).
This brings up the option to Refresh GPS and after about 30 seconds it should indicate the number of satellites and your GPS location (you might not be able to connect inside a building). Then you proceed to got to in your Blackberry Browser and follow my instructions above.

Good luck and have fun with your Backberry.


January 12, 2008

Oh my god, it worked! Matthias, you are awesome. I migrated from an 8700c (7230 before that), so it takes a little getting used to things like the trackball and the context menu button. Clear as day now, and I have Google Maps, thank to you! Appreciate the community service. (-:


January 22, 2008

I don’t think that your method described above is truly using the Curve’s on-board GPS system as you (and I) are intending… As you may or may not know, recent versions of google maps can approximate your location based on information from cell towers alone without a dedicated GPS system (I think they call it AGPS). I just upgraded from a Pearl to the Curve. The Pearl has no GPS, but my version of google maps that I had was able to pinpoint my location using this AGPS technique to various levels of accuracy (3-1600 meters).

Now on the 8310… even though there is a permissions setting for google maps to allow GPS usage, I don’t think the Curve is reporting this info –so the program is simply reporting your location based on this less accurate AGPS method. To this end I tried the following: in google maps permissions I DENY the location (GPS) permission and reboot the phone. Once it’s back up and running I check the GPS status (Options – Advance – GPS), I was indoors but was connected to 7 satellites and had an accuracy of 4.5 meters. Then I launch google maps and press 0 for my location. It found me, but only had an accuracy of 1600 meters. I then exited maps, went into permissions, and switched location (GPS) to ALLOW. Then restart the phone and try again. When it loaded, google maps again had my location only to within 1600 meters.

From what I understand AT&T (in my case, but could be any cell provider) restricts the GPS device to work exclusively with the programs that they want –in my case TeleNav, which costs you $10 extra per month. I’ve been searching forums for ways to fully unlock the GPS feature of the phone, but have not found out how yet. My first order of business was to uninstall the push to talk (PTT) software; I finally got that sorted out, so now I’m trying to figure this out.

What do you think?

Bill Davis
January 22, 2008

After I have downloaded the program and gone thru the steps you posted I can’t get the Google Maps to respond at all. I push the trackwheel and nothing happens. After about two minutes it returns to the home screen. “HELP” and THANKS…


Matthias Zeller
January 24, 2008

I had Google Maps working with the Curve GPS even before Google released the Maps version which has AGPS. That was Google Maps version 1.x (can’t remember exactly which version, but before they announced AGPS). I also use AT&T, so clearly AT&T does not lock the usage of the GPS in the Curve. Since then I have upgraded to the latest version of Google Maps, so I will run some tests to see if it still picks up the GPS or defaults to the less accurate AGPS method.


Matthias Zeller
January 24, 2008

it is difficult to track the issue down remotely. Do you have a Blackberry 8310? Just can suggest to try to de-install and then install again.

Sorry it did not work for you.


January 24, 2008


I wanted to thank you for the directions/instructions for getting the google maps to my blackberry curve. I’ve downloaded and it works perfectly; don’t know why I was concerned about it. The satellite view is awesome by the way — shows the actual house and motorhome as well as the oil stain in the driveway.
I’m now a confirmed Crackberry.


Matthias Zeller
January 25, 2008

Welcome to the club!

Matthias Zeller
January 25, 2008

I did some further tests using Google Maps 2.0.1 (AT&T Network). When I use maps and I am out of satellite reach (e.g. in my office) it defaults to AGPS, easy to see because it states a radius of accuracy. Even when I move and reach an area with satellite and it seems to stay in that mode. However when I close Google Maps and open it again (in an area with satellite reception) it switches to use the internal GPS and provides exact location (without radius) and direction into which I am moving.


February 1, 2008

Yeah, I messed around with it some more and came to the same conclusion. Google seems to grab the gps when it’s availabe and uses the agps when it isn’t. In the test I ran above I failed to notice that I did not have gps reception when I was indoors. It said it was accurate within 4.5m, but that was last updated earlier in the day when I was outside. So both trials I ran were using agps only.

I stand corrected. Good tip on enabling this feature. Thanks!

Ethiya Ali
February 4, 2008

Hi !!

Wonderful writing and a very interesting reading. I want to know 2 things in particular.

I have a BB-8310. In my area GPS doesnt work and I dont want to retain the GPS application in my phone either to get tracked by anyone. Can I delete the GPS application like I have deleted others like BB massanger and Yahoo massanger in my BB. I tried to delete GPS but couldn’t get any success.

Secondly, is it possible to delete the Enterprise Activation Application in my BB-8310 ?? I just dont use my BB for emailing.

I love it for its being a nice cute calling phone. Thats it.

Can you please guide me how to uninstall/delete/remove permanently the Enterprise Activation thingy and GPS from my BB.

Thanks Much.

Ethiya Ali

February 7, 2008

Hey, this was a great post. It helped me out immensely. Thanks!

February 12, 2008

Do you know if you have to use the data package after downloading Google Maps? Will the GPS feature work when not using a data package. I am looking at this phone to replace a phone and serve as a GPS and portable media player, but don’t need the email, browser, etc right now. but if there is the extra cost of the data package every month, I might as well just buy a regular GPS device. What do you think?

February 12, 2008

Thanks! this really helped

Matthias Zeller
February 12, 2008

yes you will need a data plan since Google Maps requires an internet connection. I really wouldn’t consider the Blackberry if you don’t use email or the browser.


February 25, 2008

Do you have to pay an additional monthly charge to use the built in GPS feature on the Blackberry Curve? Or will having an unlimited data plan cover the GPS usage as well? (Or is using the built in GPS free?)

Matthias Zeller
February 28, 2008

the GPS usage is free. You will need a data plan to access Google Maps, since it is an application which requires access to the internet.


March 1, 2008

Does GPS work in other countries like in China or it only works in North America?

March 5, 2008

I have followed what you say to the letter but to no avail – every time I try to run Google maps it just freezes and locks the whole phone up. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing about 7 times and the same thing happens every time. The phone is brand new (8310) and i’m in the UK. I have even tried to use the older version 1.6.4 that is a bit better because it starts to load the program and gets upto 4 (progress bar half way) then stops for a few minutes then comes back with a network error. The Gprs is working fine and the phone is connecting to the internet fine. Any ideas (Please,please !!)

March 7, 2008


A note of appreciation. I’m a new, not very adept, 8310 owner. I found this hint by googling “maps-gps-8310″ etc. I followed your instructions and, mirabile dictu, it worked!

As a sixtyish guy I sometimes have occasion to think how great the new internet age is. I have a little phone, the size of an index card, that does all this great stuff. I push a button and it knows where I am (well, pretty close)! It tells me how to go where I want to go. I need help with it and some guy in California (I’m in Connecticut) who I never met gives me great instructions. He doesn’t even want any money for it! I’m not sure if younger people understand how the world has changed in their lifetimes. It’s beyond science fiction.

I now plan to scan all your other ideas. I wish there were something I could do for you– but that’s also science fiction.

OK. I do have a question. When I edit permissions in Google Maps. I have three options– connections- interactions and user data- with the choice of allow-custom or deny. I hove connections and user data at allow and interactions at custom– not for any particular reason. How should I choose among these?

Thanks to you and all other contributors.


March 10, 2008

I have the same problem as Vicki.

The phone freezes and I have to turn it off.

Phone is 4 days old.

March 10, 2008

Is workef in my bb 8310! Thanks for ur information !!! I from malaysia country also can run the google map here!!! Thanks u brother!

March 14, 2008

Thanks so much Matthias…I was just about to post the exact same thing Andy did but now that you’ve clarified it, I’m anxious to try it outside of my high-rise where i’ve been testing it 😉

Bill Davis
March 19, 2008

I commented on Jan 22nd that I could not get Google maps to work. I have just today been able to use Google Maps. It would freeze up and not function. I would then have to turn the phone off and back on.
I finally called ATT and the Rep had me do a hard “reset” by taking out the battery while the BB is on. I left it out for about 2 minutes and then turned it back on. After a reboot I downloaded Google Maps and followed the onscreen instructions and it worked for the first time. This might help your readers. Thank you for your previous help.

Bill Davis

March 20, 2008

I did what Bill Davis did and it is now working!


March 25, 2008

The phone wont run google maps for some reason.Any ideas? the version 2.0.3. please help me.!!!!

hilary roberts
April 2, 2008

Hi, I am new to this mainly because I now have the Blackberry 8310 with GPS. I followed the instructions and have successfully loaded google maps and it seems to have found me (or nearest to me).
On a normal Sat Nav like Garmin or Tom Tom, I am able to load my favourite addresses. I press * (A) key and it brings up favourites but I don’t seem to be able to add anymore new addresses. Is it possible? If yes, how is it done?

If it can be done, does google maps act like a Sat Nav i.e. directs you to the loaded address?
I read that the Tele Map tool does it but then I have to pay for that service and it cost £40 per year in England.

I would appreciate very much if anyone can help me.



April 2, 2008


I have my new BB 8310 and very happy with this “spielzeug”, (I came from a treo 650). My spanish and german is better than “Englisch” (you surely understand better german) but lets go practice.

I read your intresting pages, Im forest egeneer in Chile and work a lot with gps, maps and data so this is for me the best solution at outdoors. We only have here “als Wild” the smallest deer of the world (like a fox terrier) and some pumas a lot of “wachteln” so you can come and shoot them all.

BB maps (tele atlas) only shows here maps for 30 km zoom up, and you can see only the nice limit of chile.

Now starting using the google maps.
I loaded Google maps and it doesent read satellites.
After uninstall and read your good comments, I start from new and started with gps reading satellites, (and try to save the data and i see a fast message or prompt wo says a error of null data or something like).
After that I try to start Google maps and it freezes all and there is nothing to do only a reboot taking batteries out for a while.

Do you have any Idea ?


April 3, 2008

Is it possible to predownload maps in Blackberry 8310 and run GPS without dataplan or internet access ?

Maxwell Glasson
April 4, 2008

Best BB find ever. period.

As a Real Estate Appraiser, this is saving me heaps of time.


April 6, 2008

I have an 8310 Blackberry Curve. Under advanced options it has a “none” for GPS. Do I have to sign up with a provider? Where can I get GPS? Where do I download Google maps.

April 14, 2008

It seems you have a wealth of knowledge with BB 8310 can you
Help me to figure out why my voice dialing won’t work. When I say someone’s name it gives me someone totally different, can you please help.

Thanks Rick

April 14, 2008

This seemed to work wonders, after following the above instructions my aprox location went from 1600 meters to 3 meters. I just got the 8310 curve and downloaded this (saves $10/month).

April 29, 2008

Any reason to think that the JUST released Pearl 8110 with GPS would not work in the same way as you have described for the 8310?


April 30, 2008

it was so easy to set up all i did was everything you told me…
I love getting things for free thats man..

May 5, 2008


I’m from Malaysia. Why my blackberry 8310 could not install maps blackberry files

May 7, 2008


If I’ve already downloaded Google maps to my 8310 would I also need an internet connection on my phone to use it’s GPS or is there a work around.
Stand alone GPS doesn’t require an internet connect and I don’t use my phone to surf just to text so I was hoping not to incur the extra fees.


Mark Bloom
May 19, 2008

Hi Matthias my question to you is when using google maps on the BB Curve 8310 do you get charged for data use or does it come free since the gps is intergrated


[…] free. Yeah, you will have to use some data to install Google maps…but well worth it in the end. Matthias Zeller Memento ? Using Blackberry Curve 8310 GPS with Google Maps […]

[…] free. Yeah, you will have to use some data to install Google maps…but well worth it in the end. Matthias Zeller Memento ? Using Blackberry Curve 8310 GPS with Google Maps […]

Matthias Zeller
May 29, 2008

when you use Google Maps you get charged for data use (unless you have an unlimited data plan). While you get your GPS coordinates for free from the integrated GPS receiver Google Maps retrieves the map data (images) via the internet connection of your Blackberry.


Matthias Zeller
May 29, 2008

yes, Google Maps requires an internet connection since the map data is retrieved over the internet (same as using Google maps on a PC).


[…] 8310 with GPS. I followed the instructions and have successfully loaded google maps and it … […]

Brian Reynolds
June 9, 2008

Matthias, thanks for your great info. I cannot get the GPS data source to refresh when I hit the menu key. It continues to say NONE and will not allow access for refresh. Any ideas? thanks for the support.

Brian Reynolds
June 9, 2008

Matthias after review I have determined that I have the curve 8300 and it does not support GPS. only the 8310 version does. Hope this helps.

[…] free. Yeah, you will have to use some data to install Google maps…but well worth it in the end. Matthias Zeller Memento ? Using Blackberry Curve 8310 GPS with Google Maps […]

June 16, 2008

I have a 8310 with GPS and the current version of Google Maps 2.2.0 … the problem is that it does not want to see my GPS no matter what I do. It always just uses teh cell tower triangulation technique which is good to 1600 meters ;-(

Any ideas? I have tried what is said here but still does not work.

June 19, 2008

Just downloaded with version 2.2 and works great

July 4, 2008

Good show Matthias, we do a lot with gps in Australia (refer ) and i thought there would be issues with this but going through your steps it works fine, a big trick here was taking the battery out for a minute and then putting it back in and we got the gps working a treat, no probs with google maps download, google maps in metro brisbane down to street level and accuracy about 5-10 meters…

July 7, 2008

Any help with an unlocked phone? I just bought a 8310 att but I m on tmobile network. I could nt even download the google map, says download failed…
Any smarty know what I can do please

[…] these devices handy for other reasons.  My Blackberry Curve includes GPS capability.  This combined with Google Maps Mobile gives me a low-cost method to find my way around to quickly locate restaurants and the like in […]

July 18, 2008

thanks for the info guy. This worked perfectly with my new 8310.


Iki Dusevic
July 18, 2008

Just to thank you on everything Matthias…
I just bought the 8310 and this really helped…


Ed in Spain
August 2, 2008


I just bought a Curve 8310. When trying to call a number in my address book, the phone dials a wrong number.
Can you help, please?

Are you aware if anyone has experienced a similar situation?


August 12, 2008

Hi all,

there seems no reply for those who dont wish to use Data plan for GPS!
One option is to buy a 4Gb data card and download all the maps on ur card.. in that case u dont need a data plan as GPS cordinates are free.. however I am in search of a BB 8310 application ..any suggestion ?

September 1, 2008

Thank you so much I have the red blackberry from att I had it unlocked and working with tmobile. I thought something was wrong because the google maps application would not work. And I was very upset by this. And just finding ur article online was amazing. Thank You

September 3, 2008

I followed the instructions and it worked perfectly. This is pretty sweet but also a little creepy. Reminds me of the move Enemy of the State…

September 3, 2008

ok, that is cool, worked sweet here in denver area.

nice. thanks

September 4, 2008

Great tips. One note. I could not get my new 8310 to “refresh GPS”. It would hang on “Scanning for satellites” and then come back with 0 satellites found.

I decided to download Google Maps anyway. In set up it said “Google Maps wants access to your GPS location; Give permission?” Or something like that. I clicked yes or allow or whatever. To my surprise, the Google map came up and pinpointed my location! So I went to the GPS menu in Advanced Options, did the “refresh GPS” and it came back with 3 satellites and my precise location.

So, if your GPS isn’t working, try downloading the latest Google Maps from the site Mathias recommends and see what happens.

September 7, 2008

i am on step:
4) Saved the changes. Went back the applications menu and scrolled down to Google Maps. Hit zerp “0? and it took meeh to another blank page that said: ***no applications*** what should i do? please help

[…] Blackberry Curve GPS Notes – Some tips somebody had regarding 3rd party use of the Curve GPS […]

John Conley
September 24, 2008

Worked great for me thanks. Just a note that you can visit google maps homepage and sent a text to your computer and it will do the deed in one step. The latest software enables permissions on the gps from the google application. I suspect many having problems with this may find that they,do not have enough memory, just buy a sim card. You also have to have the data plan.

September 25, 2008

great bb find. easy to do and use. thanks

September 28, 2008

Sorry have downloaded google maps and changed the properties as indicated. But when you say turn it on from the application menue i do not know what you mean. how do i turn it on?

September 30, 2008

Hi … Thanks for your post. GPS works now; however, I have one question. When I go to Get Direction and then click # to see it on the map, it highlights the route but it does not work like a normal GPS telling you when you have to turn and in how many yards/miles. Is that the case or am I doing something wrong? Also, Google Maps doesnt have the voice feature right? Please help. Thanks.

September 30, 2008

Is there a way to download google map for mobile onto a pc and then transfer the installer to mobile after? I dont have web access from my mobile. Thanks.

October 1, 2008

This is a good one. I know many have said so, but just want you to know that by following your instruction, it all works well. I have a question to Tel-Nav which I opened before knowing about google maps, do I have to delete app or contact someone to get rid of it. Google maps are awesome. Thanks for your help.

October 1, 2008

This is a good one for 8310. I know many have said so, but just want you to know that by following your instruction, it all works well. I have a question to Tel-Nav which I opened before knowing about google maps, do I have to delete app or contact someone to get rid of it. Google maps are awesome. Thanks for your help.

October 7, 2008

Hi, does this all apply to BB’s in South Africa as well? I can view my maps, but cannot get my GPS co-ordinates. Looked at someone elses BB yesterday, and there was a whole different icon on it.

October 9, 2008

wwwwwooooooooowwwwwwwwww, thanx so much i;ve been trying for so long getting a free gps on my curve and couln;t do it. but i came along your blog and did it in less than 2 minutes, is so awsome, thanx very much…..


October 10, 2008

Thanks, Matt! I just got an 8310 and followed your directions exactly as at the first of this thread. Google maps works fine for me.

Nikki Jo
October 10, 2008

Hi Matt,
My boss has a Blackberry Curve 8310 and everytime I try to use the telenav, it freezes up the phone and needs to be restarted. I tried taking out the battery, that did not work. I tried to *refresh* the GPS but when I followed your instructions, there was no place to *refresh*. It shows me that longitude and latitude are both 0 and everything else says 0 as well, can you help me??


October 12, 2008

Thank you. Very useful information and it worked.

October 13, 2008

Hello, thanks for all tips.
I’ve upgraded my Blackberry Curve 8310 to device version 4.5, installed Google Maps 2.3.1, and when I try to run it hangs on loading, at about 10%, doesn’t give any error and stays like that forever…
Any suggestions?

October 17, 2008

Installed Google maps 3.3.1 (in the Netherlands, although my BB was supplied by O2 in the UK)on my BB Curve 8310 (vers 4.5) using settings you suggested and it works great. Thanks for the info.

October 17, 2008

Sorry just spotted typo, Google maps 2.3.1

November 1, 2008

Thank you, thank you.

I knew my 8310 had integrated GPS; but couldn’t justify the $$ for TeleNav…and to find out there is no need to spend dollars for GPS?…That is great!

November 6, 2008

hey thank you for your article. i was able to install google maps following your instructions

Kyu Night
November 16, 2008

Hey, you seem to have provided a plethera of information that has helped so many different people, but now I would like to test your skills a bit. I do hope you are up for a challenge.
I travel daily by way of local transit services (bus, rail, and train), but my routing services seem to have hit a “dead-end” so to speak.
I have a Blackberry Curve 8310, through Verizon, with Google Maps version 2.3.2, but as of yesterday, it will not route my trips. The GPS will show my location with decent accuracy, and the “Get Directions” feature in the Google Maps menu will show Driving Directions and Walking Directions. However, when attempting to plan any trips on the Transit Directions, a display screen shows stating “No trips found for this time and date”.
Now, I had origionally had this problem with Google Maps version 2.3.1 yesterday, and downloaded version 2.3.2 this afternoon in an attempt to resolve this issue. Thus far, I have had no luck.
I have been using the Transit Router for several months now, and with absolutely NO problems, until yesterday’s unfortunate attempts, that is.
Do you have any suggestions for my situation?

Best Of Luck,
Kyu Night

November 16, 2008

Hello Mr. Zeller,

I want to play a game.

For almost a year now, you have been helping others with their Blackberry problems.
Now, I want to see just how far you are willing to go to fix an even more challenging problem.

I have a Blackberry Curve 8310, through Verizon, with Google Maps version 2.3.2 and GPS tracking.
I upgraded to this version of Google Maps this afternoon due to a serious problem that occurred yesterday morning.
I had been using Google Maps version 2.3.1 for some time now, and with absolutely NO problems, until yesterday morning. You see, I travel daily via public transit, and the “Get Directions” feature has assisted my travels greatly.
The GPS tracks my location with decent accuracy, the Driving Directions and Walking Directions in the “Get Directions” function still work, however, the Transit Directions does not. Instead, Google Maps shows a pop-up screen that states “No transit routes for this time and date”.
Now then, my entire schedule has been dependant upon this feature, and it will not direct me any longer.
As you can see, this problem could disrupt my work. I made an attempt to desolve this issue this morning by upgrading to Google Maps version 2.3.2 and updating the information in the Options -> Applications -> Google Maps menu.
You have done well in assisting others with such problems, and now I would like to challenge you tob test your skills.

Best Of Luck,

Mauricio Feijo
November 18, 2008

Great Blackberry tutorial. As a big fan of google, I was pleased to see them writing custom software like this. Kudos for you and Google for making this possible.

Karthi Kulandaivelu
November 24, 2008

Thanks for the info Mr. Zeller. The latest google maps version 2.3.2. works well. For people interested in a voice based navigation tool, check out nav4all. Works very well with the 8310, and it is free.

December 8, 2008

just got the 8310, how do you move the volume slider on the handset when bluetooth handsfree is connected (volume slider on screen is midway and does not respond to the volume control button).great phone overall however volume even when on high is a bit low when using the satnav

Paul Kaye
December 11, 2008

I’m trying to download Google Maps to my BB 8310 using the browser (both Internet and BB), but continually get messages: After clicking Download, get: “The item you selected cannot be displayed. Do you wish to save the item?” Then after hitting cancel: “Unsupported media type: application/octet-stream”. I’ve checked application permissions, tried both browsers? Any ideas or suggestions would be hugely appreciated?

Paul Kaye
December 11, 2008

Please ignore my prior posting…. I did a BB reset, changed default browser to BB’s and the download worked and installed ok… Thx

December 11, 2008

Hi guys,

Is there a way I can install Google maps on an 8310 that doesn’t have a data plan?

December 20, 2008

No, you need a data plan to access GPS unless you want a HUGE bill.

December 21, 2008

I am not able to get option “Refresh GPS” in my options -> Advance Options -> GPS. Any advice please. Thanks in advance

Matthias Zeller
December 21, 2008

When you are in the GPS menu you will need to hit the “Menu” button, the button left from the scroll ball.

Matthias Zeller
December 21, 2008

to use Google Maps you need to be connected to the Internet, so a data plan is required.

December 27, 2008

The instructions worked perfectly and now I have google maps working. Thanks!

December 30, 2008

Wonderful Guys, Even a newbie like me was able to make the maps work just using the directions as given. Thanks bunches.

January 8, 2009

OMG thank u so much! my google maps was stuck at 0kb for a while and i found your blog i had to change the settings for the application to make it work!


Tony Fitz
January 8, 2009

Fabulous POST, downloaded (got a slightly higher version) and immediate succes with GPS and recognition in Shanghai. Very happy, thanks for the time you spent putting this post together.

January 10, 2009

Hi! I need help! I have BB 8310 with last OS and when I install google maps v.2.3.2 when it’s starting the starting bar hung up.

I checked the advanced optins –> GPS –> refresh satellites…it’s working find’s 4 satellites and the position. I also allowed in app all the options…

Where is the problem?

Any suggestion?

Thank YOu!

January 10, 2009

i’v done all the above but when i click to use google maps it pauses/freezes halfway through loading? help!

January 12, 2009

First of all thanks for your expertise..I’ve already installed the google map on my blackberry Curve 8310, it’s new just bought this month january 2009 with my internet plan. I follow some instruction as per above but I don’t have number of satellites when I went to adv option then GPS, I try inside of my house and outside in my house but still don’t have number of satellites. Do you have any ideas?

January 15, 2009

I just install google maps v 2.3.2 on my 8310 following the instructions at the begining of this blog. There is some minor changes in the new version wich skips some steps and automaticaly ask you if you allow acces. Once you say yes, the application works like a charm. I have to say the GPS is more accurate on this phone than expectec, it pinpoint me within 1 feet. OOOOHHHH… Thanks for the help.

Joe L.
January 18, 2009

A GPS needs a clear view of the sky to track the satellites. It will not work indoors, near tall buildings, under a forest umbrella, or while it’s in your pocket. Even outdoors it can take the GPS a minute or so to lock onto the satellites. While in your car you need to lay it on the dashboard so it can see the sky through the windshield. GPS signals from the satellites will not penetrate any solid object, not even a piece of paper. If you think you’re getting a GPS signal while indoors, you are not. The unit is using the alternative method of triangulating cell towers and is not even close to being as accurate as the GPS signals.

January 25, 2009

Mr. Matthias, great comment. I downloaded, it´s usefull. Thanks.

Claudio (from Brazil)

Matthias Zeller
January 30, 2009

Thanks for all the great comments. I updated the other day to version 2.3.2 and it still works great with the internal GPS. New features include:
– Walking Directions
– Transit Info (Public Transport)
– Street View
I am glad I had it in NYC last week. Transit and walking directions were very useful.

February 1, 2009


On my BB 8310 when I refresh, my phone does not pick up on any satelites. There longitude and latitude is 0 I have the internet package with my BB but really need to get the GPS system activated so I can get from A to B in Dubai.

If anyone can help I would be very grateful.


February 4, 2009

Feb 4, 2009 used these directions and got Google Maps 3.0.0. The following was not required: Go to Options -> Applications -> Google Maps -> select the menu and choose “Edit Permissions”; Select connections and select the menu to expand it. Make sure you allow “Location (GPS)” and “Carrier Internet” connections for the app.

February 5, 2009

I have pay per use only on my bb. Will it use data every time i use it after i download it from google?

Jai Hingorani
February 7, 2009

Thanks everybody and specially to Matthias. Followed the instructions and the Google map works like a charm. I have a small question though, if I want to zoom into the map how do I do it, since I am new to BB, just got it yesterday. Any help would be appreciated.


February 7, 2009

Great post. I have enjoyed using the Google maps on the cell phone. Wow please keep the post coming.

February 8, 2009

Worked like a champ.

February 12, 2009

I did exactly as you wrote in your blog and it works beautifully, and all for free too!! Terrific, thanks

February 13, 2009

Now downloads Version 3.0.1 of Google Maps…super easy and nice quick download! Great walkthrough of how to download!

February 18, 2009

Every time I try and connect to the satelites it doesn’t work. I get the message ‘GPS location update failed’. GPS has never worked since I got my 8310. Any ideas ?

Matthias Zeller
February 18, 2009

I noticed a number of you have problems connecting the phone to Satellites. It is very important that you have a clear broad view to the sky when you try to connect. It will not reliably work inside a building or if you are close to high-rises.

February 19, 2009

Matthias, do you know a way to store the Google maps into the SD card?

February 20, 2009

Matthias, Is there a way to run GPS (predownload the maps) into the BB Curve 8310 and use it without Internet or paying any fees to Telenav?

February 21, 2009

Thanx for this blog telling how to use Google maps. I will Install it if I ever get my 8310 working again. I was trying to upgrade my OS and ever since then it seems to hang up. I take the battery out to reset, but before long, it dies again, e.g. black screen, and red led intemittent flash, like it is in power down mode.
Any ideas, or is it busted.

February 22, 2009

Mattias, great info. I have a small problem. I have a new blackberry and downloaded Google maps. it seems to have loaded in my BB ok, I open the app and it seems to laod ok, but then i get a message terms and conditions “loading” please wait. This goes on for 10 minutes or so.
have tried outdoors and indoors linked to wifi.
any idea’s. I have used G maps on my old HTC and its great. realy want to sort this out in my BB.

thx tony

February 24, 2009

Hi Matthias,
Thanks so much for your great explanation. I have BB software V4.5 on a BB8310 Curve and just downloaded Google Maps V3.0.2
I went outside my house and picked up 6 sattelites. Google maps pin pointed me and even showed my movement as I walked back into my house! Fantastic! Thanks again.

February 24, 2009

….forgot to mention. I am in Australia. Works fine upside down 😉

February 24, 2009

I got my 8310 through work and when i try to change the permissions for ‘Location (GPS)’ and ‘Carrier Internet’ I only have the option to ‘Deny’ or ‘Prompt’ not allow. Does anyone else have this problem? Also, in Advanced Options ->GPS both latitude and longitude are set to 0.00, and won’t change no matter how many times I refresh the GPS. When I first went into this option, the message “Your device has been remotely disabled for Location Tracking” According to our IT people at work, they didn’t disable it. Any chance of getting AT&T to switch it on for me? Any other suggestions?

March 1, 2009

I’ve had the GoogleMaps V2.1.0, which was fine. I figured an update to V3.0.2 would be better, but now this newer version does not have that blue arrow indicating my direction of travel, it’s just the blinking blue dot. Any reasons why and any hints on how to reinstate the blue arrow? Thanks!

March 6, 2009

I have followed your instructions on how to install Google Maps and for some strange reasons I can’t do it. After typing the site address I am directed to Google Maps site where my only option to select are “Google Maps Visit Now or Change Language”. After selecting “Google Maps Visit Now” I am redirected to Google Site where I have an option to Download Google maps. When I click on that link I am returning back to my previous screen “Google Maps Visit Now or Change Language”. It seems to me that for some reasons my BB Curve 8310 (my TeNav is working fine) is not allowed to access the maps downloading site. I have repeated this many times with no success. What I am doing wrong here? Thank you!

Paul Wide
March 8, 2009

Hi Matthias,

I’m curious how this GPS works with the voice direction. Just lilke the regular GPS Device? If it works the same as GPS device like ARMIN, then i will get one 8310 curve for sure.


March 13, 2009

Just wanted to say thanx, I finally upgraded my OS to 4.5 and downloaded the Google stuff just as you said to do and it all worked right off the bat. However, I would advise all who do this, and continue to use Google Maps to have an unlimited data plan. 1 cent by Kb sound low, but after download Google Maps, and the maps for my city ended up being over 4 Meg, aka $42 and change. So now I have a ‘free’ GPS, but the data fees make it too expensive….I guess we have to push the Telco’s t oreduce their data rates…If the internet operated on this type of user fee, not one would be using internet either.
Again thanx for the accurate and explicit instructons.
PS, I found out my Blackberry must have gotten damp when I got caught in the rain, I did an old trick we used in the military, I took out the battery and put the phone near a warm source for a day to bake it out. It works likne new again.

Kevin B
March 23, 2009

Mathias, I was able to download and get to my location, saw the map and everything was great.However, now whenever I go to google maps it keeps asking if I want to download. How do I get back to my location?

March 31, 2009

in my BB-8310…i want to download LIVE TV for FREE…can u suggest any sites…???

Matthias Zeller
April 3, 2009

@Kevin B – Once the app is installed you should see it as an icon with your other Blackberry applications. That’s how you launch it. The URL is just to download the app to your phone.

Matthias Zeller
April 3, 2009

@Wayne – Good point. I have an unlimited data plan. I would not recommend to use Google Maps with a data plan which meters traffic since the maps need to be loaded from Google servers.

April 9, 2009

I followed all you steps and still have some issues. When I open google maps there comes an error:” Network unavailable. This requires a data connection. please contact your carrier, or visit on your computer for more info.”
Please help me.

April 15, 2009

Absolutely brilliant instructions in plain english and idiot proof! I just followed the directions and my location is blinking away on screen at me. Thank you so very much.

April 18, 2009

i opened on my bb 8310..
and written like this:
“sorry, google maps application does not work on your 8310. however, you can access the google maps anywhere using the web version”

April 18, 2009

Hey. Great idea but I think I still need the data plan to access GPS on my blackberry, Right? If not, awesome! I downloaded the program but It doesn’t show up in my applications menu. Whats up?
… I don’t know if It’s a good idea to enter my email address here but here’s my garbage email address if anyone has a chance to respond, please do.:
Thank you.

[…] is notorious for neutering their devices and locking down features).  You actually might have to enable it on some […]

April 23, 2009

THANK YOU! This worked perfectly! I couldn’t find anything on the Google site or in my BB info to get maps to work on my Curve! All set now.

Phil West
May 1, 2009

I am looking for a simple but accurate GPS app for hiking and such. I need 2 features in an application. Mark a waypoint or destination and the ability to add a waypoint or destination by putting in latitude and longitude. I plan to use my AT&T 8310 for Geocaching, fishing, hiking and running. I really just need to say “goto” and pick a specific waypoint and have an arrow point the way and tell me how far. I have used google maps and a few other apps on my past blackberry and they work fine but I just need a SIMPLE app. Any sugestions? My old Garmin Etrex is fine for getting me within 40 feet but it can’t be upgraded any longer.

May 13, 2009

thank you alot..!! it works with the maps and location..

Karan Mansukhani
June 5, 2009

Excellent instructions………. works well.

Thanks and regards


Aussie Mark
June 14, 2009

Hi Matthias, thanks for the info, Blackberry Maps just didnt seem to work in OZ, but google is as good on the Blackberry as it is on my PC.
One other thing though, i am intereted in doing some amateur mapping on a property. Any suggestions on where to begin? i.e. how to enter data points on the map and then retrieve them onto my PC do i can use them on a drawing?
Thanks again

June 24, 2009

Thanks for the information. My GPS can not find my location. any ideas???

June 27, 2009

i’ve downloaded google maps to my blackberry curve 8900 and i have wifi on this but no data plan. i’ve used google maps once, will i be charged via the 49 cents per kb/mb or will i not be charged, since i believe i’m connected to my personal wifi

Todd Brown
August 14, 2009

If I use the free google maps, do I have to be connected to my browser every time I use my GPS on my blackberry, or do I only have to use the browser once to download the google earth app?

August 15, 2009

Hi Matthias, Your post was the best i could find on BB8310 maps.
I have finally got maps after trying for 2 days but please advice me.. on Options >> Adv Options>> MAps>> the default service is still Blackberry Maps. Perhaps thats why my maps is not working too well. How can I change this?
do i ined to chane it?
please advice me my good man, Very kind of you to care,

Matthias Zeller
August 16, 2009

@Todd Brown – No you need to be connected to the internet every time you use Google Maps since the map data is not stored on the Blackberry.

Matthias Zeller
August 16, 2009

To All: Thanks for all the great comments and feedback. I never expected this type of popularity when I wrote the post nearly 2 years ago.
This week I decided to move from the Blackberry Curve to the iPhone 3GS. That means I won’t be able to answer any questions around the Blackberry anymore. Given that the Blackberry software and Google software is updated frequently some of the info might no longer be applicable in the future.

September 6, 2009

hi there, google maps is not finding my exact location…its showing me 900 metres from my home…so a few streets over. should it be showing my exact loc?

September 10, 2009

Awesome advice! thank you thank you!

September 25, 2009

As far as I can tell, Verizon still blocks Google Maps from accessing the GPS device. They do this to force you to buy one of the GPS apps they sell. I plan on leaving the plan soon and getting an iPhone.

October 2, 2009

Just picked up a Verizon 8830 Curve on ebay. Updated the OS to 4.5 and it worked like a charm, once I changed the GPS Services in Advanced Options to “Location On”. Cool!

October 6, 2009

Thanks a ton….just got what I was looking for…

October 6, 2009

Thank you so much for this! It helped tons!

Edmundo Castro
November 7, 2009

Does anybody have the .jad for Blackberry Google Maps V. 2.3.1 that they can email me at eddiendawood “AT” yahoo “”?

November 18, 2009

Thank you so much. I just went into options on my BB8310 and went to GPS and updated(refreshed) the satellites. It worked like a charm. I live on a small st in a town 1/8 of a mi from the ocean. The blue dot follows me around like a shadow.

December 1, 2009

Hi Matthias,

I’ve a question and I hope that you can solve the problem. I’ve bought a new Blackberry 8310 (first blackberry) in a seller from UK and I live in Ireland, and when a make a call from my list of contacts, they call for the same number with a different prefix.

December 23, 2009


Thank you for the solution you provided for enabling the GPS with google maps. I’d been trawling the Net for a solution until i stumbled on your blog. I have a BB 8900 and as India is not covered by BB Maps(wonder why, considering we are one of the largest mobile using population in the world) i had to download and use google maps. I was not able to find a way of marrying the two- inbuilt GPS and google maps…until i followed your suggestion. Contrary to the guys above who are receiving AGPS data, i’m getting accurate positioning in both modes – while indoors, the margin of error is 700metres while i’m outside, it’s ~4 metres. Hence, my conclusion is that your method works perfectly and the BB obtains AGPS data only when GPS is not available. Thanks a lot for this solution. :)

January 8, 2010

Thanks so much for this info, worked like a charm first time up. I’m moving to Boston this month and am told that 1) I HAVE to have GPS and 2) Google maps are the most accurate for this city. The fact that I also don’t have to pay for TelNav is outstanding!!!

January 18, 2010

I have a blackberry curve from my work. When I go to options/advanced options/GPS I don’t have a refresh GPS option. I only get GPS data source and GPS services. Is my company blocking this or am I missing something.

January 22, 2010

hi matthias,
i’ve red all of comment in ur blog, it’s good to share the problem….as clear as the sky, but my 8310 is still couldn’t get any single satellite….i’ve try to refresh gps on the menu,i take the battery down to refresh….still the same condition, i’ve use google map 3.02…is there any chance to me to use the gps? is it possible that the gps chip broken?

February 14, 2010

I have a Blackberry 8310 Curve. My GPS has been working but now it won’t pin point my location. When I try to pinpoint my location, it can only get within 2400 meters. I have tried to Refresh GPS and have took battery out but no luck. Please help..

Matthias Zeller
February 14, 2010

Make sure you have a clear view to the sky. Buildings can make satellite connection for GPS difficult.

March 9, 2010

If I have 8310 and I don’t have Wireless on the phone can I use Google maps?
GPS is working bot I don’t have map on the screen, writing: You are here.(When I choose Where I Am).

April 12, 2010

I was just wondering I can still make use of the GPS device in my BB curve 8310 without a data plan

Matthias Zeller
April 12, 2010

You cannot use Google Maps without a data plan. However here is a list of all Blackberry Maps applications and some of them don’t require a data plan (but you will need to buy the maps).

Peter V
April 14, 2010

I am new to the GPS world and to the 8310. I do not have a data plan as I do not need one. Is there a way to download the maps and GPS app via my PC and then to install it on the 2gb memory card to use it “off line” like a stand alone GPS?

Peter V
April 14, 2010

If not free what is the least cost app and maps to use with a Blackberry 8310 WITHOUT A DATA PLAN?

April 29, 2010

Hey Matthias, thanks for the advice!

Question: You wrote this article back in 2007. Does the whole Google Suite debacle still exist? I just downloaded maps from Google Suite App, and am having trouble connecting to GPS, but don’t know if it’s the phone, or the app.

Please let me know, thanks!

John Baycroft
May 31, 2010

Hi, I have the 8320 and I love google maps. However I had a lot of addresses stored in the find location app but I lost them all in the 4.5upgrade. Wondering if theres a work around for keeping those, Thanks

August 23, 2010

It will not pick up any gps saterlites anywhere I am :( help!

Samuca DeSiqueira
December 17, 2010

No bb 8310; em: opções>opções avançadas>aplicativos>(e em alguns aplicativos)>”editar permissões padrão”. O que irá acontecer?

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