Cool Trial Bike Videos – This is why I love YouTube

Monday, September 25th, 2006 | Sport, Video

Karen mentioned to me the other day that she saw this really cool video on Yahoo! with a guy jumping multiple poles with his bike. Little did she know that my friend Volker, who is now one of the youngest executives at Siemens, used to be the Northern German champion in Bicycle Trial. That’s actually how I learned this sport exists. It is absolutely amazing and I am still suprised how few people know about it. The stunt of the guy in the Yahoo! video was small compared to tricks I have seen at Trial championships. The goal in Trial and Mountainbike Trial is to finish an obstacle course without having your feet touching the ground (the time you need is not that important).
So I went over to YouTube and searched for “Bike Trial” and sure enough I found a wealth of interesting videos. Here are my favorites:

Here is a short clip to wet your appetite. The Spanish have dominated traditional Trial, using specific bikes typically from Monty, for a long time.

But you can also use a regular Mountain Bike for Trial as these guys show us…

Well, you think you have seen it all? These kids from England defy gravity. Try at your own risk!

Talking about Internet Video… Robert Scoble is launching the Scobleshow tonight.

3 Comments to Cool Trial Bike Videos – This is why I love YouTube

November 18, 2006

the bottem video is fukin wiked m8

tom haney
February 14, 2007

thats nice trialsing mate

[…] Validating the long tail theory, number 2 is my posting featuring Trial Bike videos on YouTube. Bike Trial is certainly a sport not widely know around the world. Yet my post about it got significant views from Readers who were searching for keywords “Trial Bike Videos” on Google. Highly specialized content continues to rule the Internet. There is a sequel to this story. I sent a link of the posting to my friend Volker, who introduced my to Bike Trial back in 1988 and he just emailed me that for Christmas he got a new trial bike from Koxx. So he is ready for more action. He also sent me a link to this extreme trial bike video which clearly tops all my previous videos. […]

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